Kid's Hip-hop Dancing

Hip hop舞蹈以舞蹈动作来张扬自我个性,展示青春的活力和激情,表达勇于进取的生活态度,与嘻哈音乐一样强调的是“做自己,享受生命,勇于挑战”的理念。

Hip hop dance uses dance movements to promote self-personality, demonstrate the vitality and passion of youth, and express an attitude of courageous and enterprising life. 
Just like hip hop music, it emphasizes the concept of “be yourself, enjoy life, and be bold to challenge”.


从小开始学习Hip hop舞蹈不仅可以提高孩子的动作协调性和舞感,还能增强体魄,挖掘孩子的艺术潜能。同时,还能培养孩子自信,扩大交友圈,成为大小舞台上的焦点。

Learning hip hop dance from an early age can not only improve your child's motor coordination and dance feeling, but also enhance your physical fitness and excavate your 
child's artistic potential. At the same time, it can also cultivate children's self-confidence, expand the circle of friends, and become the focus of the stage.

Prima Academy万众期盼的Hip Hop少儿舞蹈班终于拉开神秘的面纱,于每周六重磅登场。
Prima Academy Kid's hip-hop dance course has already opened on every Saturday!

时间Time:每周六12:20 - 13:20 Every Saturday 12:20-13:20 

地点Address:Prima Academy


Looking forward to your joining!