Big Success of Our Summer Camp!
Time flies, the summer of 2018 has quietly ended, and the children handed in a satisfactory answer sheet at the end of the Prima Academy summer camp. 
On Friday, August 31, during the summer camp final report held by Prima Academy, the children were energetic, full of firepower, singing and merging, giving a wonderful performance, 
and all the teachers of the summer camp, the parents were pleased and proud.

This summer camp is aimed at cultivating the next star of tomorrow. Our summer camp includes vocal music, dancing, painting, and extracurricular puzzle activities. Through the summer camp, 
the children faded away from the greenhand, began to understand the stage, control the stage, and then enjoy the stage, which is what Prima Academy hopes to see.

Prima Academy has always been committed to art development, not just the usual art course training, but also the annual summer camp.
The theme of 2017 is musical show , the theme of 2018 is the star of tomorrow, all for children to fall in love with music and enhance self-confidence. 
Optimistic. In the summer camp of the coming year, Prima Academy will continue to work hard and hope to experience art and create art together with children.

Delicious lunch in our summer camp

Singing, Playing and Dancing

Love you all and hope see you next summer~