2018.03.11 Kid's Spring Concert

While now is cold in Toronto, Prima Academy is warm. On March 11th, 2018, the children's spring concert, which is being prepared for a long time, finally opened. Although the duration of this concert was only one and a half hours, each program was carefully practiced with dancing and singing programs. The children have all played their best and have made considerable progress compared to before, which is inseparable from the diligent exercise of the children and the careful guidance of the teachers. Based on this successful performance experience, looking forward to more excellent performance of kids. We also hope that more children will join our performances and increase their stage experience.

在多伦多乍暖还寒之时,Prima Academy里面却是温暖如春。2018年3月11日,筹备多时的少儿春季演唱会终于拉开了帷幕。这次的演唱会时长虽然只有1个半小时,但是每个节目都是经过精心打磨的,唱歌中间还穿插着少儿舞蹈。孩子们都发挥出了自己的最佳状态,与之前相比都有了长足的进步,这与孩子们的勤奋练习和老师们的悉心指导是分不开的。期待有了这一次成功的表演经验,孩子们能够有自信登上更多的舞台,展现自己的能力和风采;也希望更多的孩子们加入到我们的表演中,增加自己的舞台经验,将平时的训练成果加以呈现!