2018.01.29 Children's Spring Festival!
The third Children's Spring Festival Gala 2018 will be held at the Toronto Convention Centre on 11 February 2018. It was hosted by the Youth Future Foundation and co-sponsored by the Hunan Association of Canada. 
This show is entirely composed of children's performances. With 3D effects, light, music, dance and beauty effects can complement each other. Performers are from all over the world, not only children of China and Canada, as well as children of different ethnic groups to participate, along with many top art groups to join. This Spring Festival Evening must make everyone feel the strong Chinese flavor ~

This Spring Festival Gala event is produced through the audition, our students Grace Yan, Lena Li and Jolin Li through the fierce competition come to the fore, will perform two shows on the Spring Festival Evening Stage - "Good Luck" and "See Pear Blossoming ". Our Prima Academy is also fortunate enough to be the venue for this children's Spring Festival rehearsal. In the Prima Academy's professional rehearsal classroom, children's performance amazing us, which makes people look forward to the official February 11 performances.
Program list
《好运来》 Performers:Jolin Li , Lena Li   Instructors:Selina Fu, Angela Wei
《又见梨花开》Performers:Jinchen Cui, Grace Yan    Instructor:Selina Fu  

 2018年2月11日,第三届“孩子们的春晚”将在多伦多会议中心(Toronto Convention Centre)举行。此次活动由加拿大青少年发展基金会(Youth Future Foundation)主办,加拿大湖南同乡会协办。这台晚会全部由儿童表演构成,舞台效果加入3D特效,与灯光音乐舞美效果相辅相成。参与阵容强大,不仅是中加两国儿童,还有不同族裔的孩子们共同参与,同时还有众多顶尖艺术团体的加入。这场春晚必定让大家感受到浓浓的中国味~
这次春晚的节目都通过海选产生,我校学员Grace Yan, Lena Li和Jolin Li通过激烈的竞争脱颖而出,将在春晚舞台上表演两个节目——《好运来》和《又见梨花开》。我们Prima Academy也有幸成为此次孩子们春晚彩排的场地。在Prima Academy的专业彩排教室中, 孩子们精彩的演绎让人惊叹,也让人更加期待2月11日正式的演出。


《好运来》参演人员:Jolin Li,Lena Li

指导老师:Selina Fu,Angela Wei

《又见梨花开》参演人员:Grace Yan

指导老师:Selina Fu

本校学员Grace Yan(左)

本校学员Jolin Li,Lena Li