2017.10.22 Autumn Music Concert for Children

Although in Toronto winter is coming now, we can not feel cold because of the beautiful music. The Autumn Music Concert for Children, which has prepared for a long time, has finally held at 6 pm in the evening, on October 22nd, 2017.In the concert, the vibe was so hot and dope, which caused a round of applause. The audience enjoy the beautiful voice of kids. Through practicing again and again, all children make a progress. Let's look forward to next excellent performance!  


即将进入冬季的多伦多,因为美妙的音乐而不再寒冷。2017年10月22日晚上6点,筹备多日的儿童秋季演唱会终于在Prima Academy的Performance Hall拉开序幕。现场气氛热烈,掌声雷动,孩子们的优美歌声让观众们享受了一场听觉盛宴。通过不断地锻炼,孩子们都有了长足的进步,让我们共同期待下一次的完美绽放!